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Christians believe that Jesus is Lord, that we can know God the Father through faith in his son and live transforming lives by the power of God the Holy Spirit, until Jesus returns to bring about a new heavens and earth. 
None of us deserve anything from God except justice for how we’ve failed to live properly in response to him as God. But God is rich in mercy and offers forgiveness and new life to all who trust in Jesus as Saviour and King. 
This is our story. God has been kinder to us than we deserve. We love him, we love our neighbours and share with the world this great news of life in Jesus’ name.
We’re an Anglican church, which means we hold to the Christian faith as expressed in the 39 Articles of the Anglican Church of Australia


Rev Roger Fitzhardinge – Senior Minister
Ven Deryck Howell – Senior Assistant(PT)
Alison Knight – Kids and Youth Minister
Ali Shannon – Administrator & Co-ordinator of volunteers 

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Fairy Meadow Anglican Church is part of the Sydney Anglican Diocese, a self-governing arm of the Anglican Church of Australia. The Diocese is led by the Archbishop of Sydney(currentlyDr Glenn Davies), assisted by Bishops and other ministry staff, and governed by a‘synod’or church parliament which meets once a year. 
The Sydney Anglican Diocese bases its beliefs and practices firmly on the Bible and is in communion with Anglican churches around the world in the task of proclaiming the good news of Jesus. For more information, visit www.sydneyanglicans.net

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