Everything that happens at church here happens because of the generosity of god’s people, in response to the gospel: the good news that Jesus is Lord.

Our conviction is that everyone who’s a regular at Fairy Meadow gives, as they’re able, to support ministry here and in our parish.

We encourage regular giving; either electronically (details below) or through the dated envelopes available from the office.

Electronic giving is anonymous.

There are three main ways to financially support the work of the gospel in our parish:

Giving to general offertory – this covers the costs of our ministry and admin teams, paying the bills, resources for church ministries like kids, youth, and reaching local subcultures.

Giving to the building fund– this funds paying off of the loan for our building and the maintenance of our building. Tax dedcutible.

Giving to SRE (Special Religious Education) – this supports our ministries in four local primary schools and includes covering the costs of scripture materials and outreach to school communities. Tax deductible.


If you have questions about our financial processes or queries about tax deductibility, please contact our treasurer, Paul Daley

General Offertory Details:

Anglican Parish Fairy Meadow: BSB 032 688 / Acc No 120401

If you’d like to give over and above your general giving towards a specific activity or cost, you can tag your giving (Books, KYCK, CMS, etc) in your transfer.

Building Fund Details:

St Paul’s Fairy Meadow Christian Education Building Fund:

BSB 032 685 / Acc No 378597   

SRE Fund Details:

Fairy Meadow Scripture in Govt. Schools:

BSB 032 685 / Acc No 378626

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