Jesus calls his followers to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, knowing that God the Father gives us all we need. At Fairy Meadow Anglican, members are encouraged to support the ministry of the gospel as they’re convicted by God, and as they’re able.


We encourage our members to support gospel ministry outside the parish (CMS, AFES university ministry, Bush Church Aid etc) at their own discretion.


Our church relies on the giving of its members to support our ongoing ministries, and we encourage electronic giving where possible for the sake of our regularity and anonymity.


There are three targets for giving to the parish of Fairy Meadow Anglican: general offertory, SRE (Scripture) and the Building Fund.


General offertory funds ministry in the parish, the SRE fund is a tax-deductible fund that pays for resourcing the teaching of scripture in government schools, and the Building Fund is a trust formed to pay back the loan that paid for the building of the current facility. As of January 2020, the loan has a balance of $202 000 outstanding.


The 2020 budget has a monthly target of $21 000 for our general offertory, $2100 for the building trust and $1631 for the SRE trust. The details for giving to each of these targets is below.


Anglican Parish Fairy Meadow: BSB 032 688 / Acc No 120401
Fairy Meadow Scripture in Govt. Schools: BSB 032 685 / Acc No 378626
Fairy Meadow Christian Education Building Fund: BSB 032 685 / Acc No 378597


Any questions or requests for tax deductibility statements should be directed to Paul Daley at