Christians come to church to grow in love for God as they hear God’s word taught, pray, and serve one another. Jesus welcomes all people to trust and follow him, no matter what their background, backstory or situation. Whatever your story, you’re welcome at church at Fairy Meadow.

8am Early Church

8am Early Church is a traditional church service involving the Anglican Prayer Book, singing of hymns and offering prayers for our church, community, nation and world. People come to Early Church who are used to a more formal service, who are returning to church after time away, who love the relational warmth and belonging.

10am Morning Church

This is a relaxed service centred around hearing God’s word and helping each other follow Jesus. Morning Church is bigger, noisier, and more demographically diverse [intergenerational] than Early Church. The whole church family starts together for a few songs with the band. After a short kids’ spot, we pray the Lord’s Prayer. Kids and youth then move to separate spaces for age-specific programs: cry room, toddlers’ creche, pre-school, k-2, 3-6, high school/youth.

6pm Service

Night Church happens in two halves, with a supper break in the middle. Everyone’s welcome – there’s a wide range of ages from 16-70 – and students or workers can be home by 8:30pm for an early start on Monday. Night Church has a laid-back vibe, with opportunities to publicly contribute by sharing stories of grace, reflecting on a psalm or responding to God’s word.

Christmas Service

Christmas Day Service: 25 December 2020 at 9am

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Please read our Covid Safety Plan beforehand, so we can keep our building safe.

First Time

Welcome to church at Fairy Meadow Anglican. Church is people meeting together on Sundays, helping one another investigate, trust and follow Jesus as our king. Everyone’s welcome here. Whatever your history, whatever your life is like, whatever you think about spiritual things, you’ll be welcomed here.

What to Expect

Church is pretty relaxed. Come as you are!

Our services centre around the reading and teaching of the bible, and include times of singing, praying, with eating & drinking together.
There’s a range of people of different ages at each of our services.
We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) once a month at each of our congregations.


We have plenty of onsite parking, with access via Jardine Street, just off the Princes Hwy. For wheelchair access, enter through the carpark gate and follow the path to the front of the building.